IRG Procedures Manual


The IRG Procedures Manual is the "handbook" for IRG members and sponsors. The following items are included in the IRG Procedures manual:

Statutes of the IRG

•Antitrust Compliance Statement

Code of Conduct

Nomination procedure for the offices of President, Vice-President and members of the Executive Council and the Scientific Programme and Communications Committees of the IRGWP

Nomination Form

Requirements for hosting the IRG Secretariat

Conditions for membership of IRGWP

• Application for membership of IRGWP

• Procedure for Corporate Membership of IRGWP

Guidelines for organizing an IRG Annual Meeting

Guidelines for IRG Co-sponsorship of IRG regional meetings

Role and Responsibilities for Section Leaders and Working Party Conveners

Guidelines for the selection of keynote speakers

Guidelines for the preparation of an IRGWP Document

Guidelines for oral presentations

Guidelines for the preparation of the annual report from corresponding members

Guidelines for the Ron Cockcroft Award

Application Form for the Ron Cockcroft Award

Guidelines for the Gareth Williams Scholarship Award

Guidelines for the Rich Ziobro Award

Guidelines for the Viance Innovation Award


To fill, and also to sign, the PDF fillable forms included above, two suitable, and free, programs are Acrobat Reader, and Adobe Fill & Sign, both are available as apps for iOS and Android, and for desktop use. Click the logos below for more information