The IRG54 meeting of the International Research Group on Wood Protection will be held on May 28 - June 1, 2023 at the Pullman Hotel in Cairns, Queensland in Australia.

Previous IRG meetings have been held in Australia in Surfers Paradise, Queensland in 1983, and in Brisbane, Queensland in 2003. So the upcoming IRG54 meeting is the next in an apparent developed tradition of holding the IRG Annual Meeting in Australia every twenty years.

This location was chosen as providing the following advantages:

  • one of the most spectacular scenic vistas in Australia

  • excellent meeting facilities of a size appropriate for the IRG meeting

  • affordable hotel in Cairns more than capable of accommodating all IRG meeting attendees

  • proximity to two of the most beautiful and interesting National Parks in Australia

  • beautiful surroundings with a warm tropical climate

  • opportunities for many pre- and post-conference activities

So count on attending the IRG54 meeting in Cairns Australia for what promises to be an excellent and stimulating IRG meeting.