IUFRO Division 5 meeting



IUFRO All-Division 5 Forest Products Meeting 2023
Cairns, Australia
June 4-8, 2023

Roger Meder (LOC Chair)
Andrew Wong (Conference Chair)
Pekka Saranpää (IUFRO Div 5 Coordinator)

This meeting is scheduled to be held on June 4 to 8, 2023, which is the week immediately after the IRG54 meeting also being held in Cairns, Australia.

There are many areas of Forest Products research that will be discussed at this conference indicated by the 24 session proposals hosted on the conference website. Notably IUFRO members who are also IRG members (Jeff Morrell, Andrew Wong, Marie-France Thevenon, Tripti Singh, Nasko Terziev) have posted their session proposals to attract submissions of abstracts from researchers in the field of wood durability, wood protection and also termite management. We would like that these session proposals 5 to 9 be cooperatively organised with IRG.

It is hoped that IRG members would be interested to submit abstracts to these and other sessions therein. Proposals relevant to IRG members are:

Session  Proposer         Title
5            Thevenon         Wood protection systems for long term carbon storage
6            Thevenon         Termite management: hazard, detection and protection of materials/buildings
7            Wong               Natural durability of wood: causes, classification, enhancement & utilization
8            Morrell             Durable hardwood plantations: understanding an emerging resource
9            Morrell             Global Timber Durability Research

Members need to go to the conference website to view specific details about these sessions and they could submit their abstracts according to their session of choice.

The IRG is among the cooperators for the IUFRO conference.

To read the IUFRO Dive 5 2023 meeting flyer, please click here.


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