IT Connectivity, Mobile Phones and ATMs at IRG54


Mobile phones

The GSM mobile phone system is available throughout Australia. Check with your own mobile phone provider for service coverage in this area under your service

SIM cards

Upon arrival in Australia one option is to purchase and have installed a local SIM card for use while in Australia. These cards often include a certain amount of free calling back to your home country, depending on which SIM card provider you choose and which country you are from. SIM cards are available at overseas entry airports in Australia, the booths are usually are in close proximity outside the exit from Customs and Immigration. There are many options, prior to leaving for the IRG54 meeting do some research online and find the option that best suits your needs. Then check the availability of that option with respect to your arrival airport in Australia.

Internet and Email access

Free high speed wireless access is available in the Pullman Cairns International Hotel, as well as within the Conference Center. High speed wireless access is also available in most other hotels in Cairns, but be sure to check before making reservations.

Skype and other internet phone access

Given that there is readily available free high speed wireless internet access available to conference attendees, it is recommended that for international attendees they consider setting up a Skype, Google Voice or other internet phone access account, in the unlikely event that they have not already done so, in order to provide themselves more affordable communication with home during the IRG54 meeting.


There is an ATM machine in the Pullman Cairns International Hotel complex as well as ATM machines throughout Cairns.


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