About the IRG-WP


The International Research Group on Wood Protection (IRGWP) is the premier organization globally for the dissemination of scientific information on wood products protection. Through worldwide cooperation, the IRGWP:

  • Facilitates contacts between specialists working on the complex problems of wood protection and durability.
  • Issues more than one hundred documents every year providing members and sponsors with invaluable information.
  • Arranges, with the help of local organizing Committees, annual conferences and regional meetings with active workshops to discuss and disseminate significant research progress.
  • Provides help and encouragement for scientists in developing countries to enable contributions to their research activities and to attend conferences.
  • Facilitates the participation of able young scientists in the collaborative research of its Working Parties by means of the Ron Cockcroft Award scheme.
  • Works continuously as a forum for discussion and dissemination of research results. This strategy, unique around the world, avoids duplication of research work and therefore saves time, effort and money.
  • Stimulates progress and quality. IRG members and sponsors are proud of their status and strive continuously towards excellence.
  • Provides cost-benefits: the annual conferences and the regional meetings provide powerful opportunities for making business contacts whilst keeping aware of the very latest information in this field.
  • Supports financially a permanent Secretariat based in Stockholm, which aims to provide supportive services to members, sponsors and new interested parties.