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IRG Privacy Notice for Members


How we process your personal data at IRG

When you join IRG as a Member, you will gain access to our platform behind log-in “IRG- Sharing”. In our community, we are sharing experience and professional information and with IRG-Sharing, we have created a forum to connect and upload events, meetings, and share other joyful moments.

As part of the membership conditions, you submit to the data processing stated in this IRG Privacy Notice.
On IRG-Sharing, we have established technical, physical, and organizational measures to protect the personal data which you make available to us or which we receive on the bases of your membership.
With this Notice, we explain what personal data IRG processes and why we do this. You will also find information on how we may obtain your personal data, with whom we may share it, and for how long we hold your personal data. You will also find information on how you can contact us for comments or questions relating to our processing of personal data.
IRG is the data controller
IRG is the data controller for processing your personal data on IRG-Sharing.
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What personal data does IRG process

The personal data IRG processes relate to the following categories (with examples):

  • General personal data (membership number, name, contact details such as e-mail address and phone number)
  • Pictures (events, profiles, uploaded by members)
  • Communication (your upload of information)
  • Biographies (profession, carriers, background, family if provided)

The personal data may include sensitive personal data on the member uploading the material in form of racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, philosophical beliefs, or trade union membership and data concerning health. With the explicit consent of the person on whom the personal data relates, the uploads may include data on persons racial or ethnic origin or data concerning health.
IRG does not receive or process sensitive personal data such as genetic data, biometric data for the purpose of uniquely identifying a natural person, or data concerning a natural person's sex life or sexual orientation.

For what purposes does IRG process personal data
IRG processes personal data for the various legal reasons and purposes as stated below.

IRG's interests and compliance

The overall purpose of IRG collecting, processing, and holding personal data is to be able to offer and administer the IRG community using the IRG Sharing platform for providing member information, communication, and interactions. This includes to make members’ personal data available among our members. We will also process your personal data for bookkeeping purposes. The legal basis for our data processing is our legitimate interest, cf. Regulation (EU) 216/679 on data protection (“GDPR”) art. 6 (1) (f), and for our compliance with legal obligations, cf. GDPR art. 6 (1) (c).

Performance of a contract

When you join IRG, you will become a part of our community and we will register you as an IRG member. You may also sign up to participate in events, where we will process your data for your participation and comfort. You may at any time activate your rights to have your personal data corrected or deleted, and you may at any time cancel your membership. The legal basis for our data processing is performance of your contract when signing up as an IRG Member, cf. EU Regulation on GDPR, art. 6 (1) (b)
c)  With your consent
For specific purposes or postings, we may ask for your consent to process  your personal data. In these cases, we will reach out to you and ask you to actively consent. We will at the same time inform you how you can withdraw your consent and the effect thereof. The legal basis for our data processing is your consent when provided, cf. EU Regulation on GDPR, art. 6 (1) (a) and art. 9 (2) (a) and (d).
An example where we use consent is if we ask to present your biography in our newsletter.
From where we obtain your personal data
We obtain data from you directly, for example, when you apply for membership, when you register for an event, when you upload articles with you as an author, or when you upload your CV or other credentials.
We also collect information which is publicly available, such as your participation in conferences, your publishing activities, new positions and the like.

How do we process your personal data

Membership Data

When you sign in as an IRG Member, we will ask for your name and e-mail address (together “Membership Data”). You may use your professional e-mail address. If your information changes, please send us an update. The Membership Data will be including into the IRG Membership list and be available for all IRG Members to view at the IRG Sharing platform. The IRG Membership list cannot be downloaded.

Membership Fees

We do not collect your personal data for payment of membership fees. You can pay membership fees using payment solutions offered by PayPal or Handelsbanken. You can also transfer your membership fee to IRG’s bank account with Handelsbanken.


IRG offers awards to Members, and we will present the award winner and the motivation together with a biography and pictures. We will also ask for bank details in order for us to transfer the award sum to you.


IRG uses photos and other pictures to connect members and present activities and events. When you participate in an IRG event, IRG will take photos. We will instruct you at the event, who to contact if you do not want you picture to be taken. You may always assert your rights of erasure, and IRG will remove postings from the IRG Sharing platform.

Who we share your information with

The purpose of IRG is to share information within our community. Therefore, the information you provide will be shared with the other members and, generally, by way of uploads to IRG Sharing, behind log-in.
We evaluate the legitimate purpose before uploading your personal data to IRG Sharing. You may always contact us to assert your rights to have your personal data deleted or corrected.
We may also share your data with third parties for serving a purpose under IRG. Examples of when we disclose personal data about you outside IRG are arrangement of meetings and events you have signed up for.

When you register for an event.

When you register for an event, we will ask for your name and other personal data, and we will provide the information to third parties hosting the event and when needed to sub-contractors for performing the event. Please also see the information above on “photo”. Your participation in the event will also be stored with IRG as long as required for completing the event and as long as needed for our legitimate purpose.

When you submit a paper

When you submit a paper, it will be placed behind log-in at IRG-Sharing. However, the general public may at search for all submitted works using the search function and will be able to see your name and position and also, when relevant the conference the paper were submitted for.

Transfers to third countries

Our community is a worldwide expanding community and we have members from all countries. Therefore, the personal data of our members are visible and shared also with members situated outside the EU/EEA. This may imply a transfer of personal data to third countries under the EU regulation on personal data.
When joining as a Member of IRG, you are informed that your personal data are made available to all IRG members as an integrated part of holding a membership. We are asking all IRG Members to abide by our Terms-of-Use and our Code of Conduct.


How can IRG Members use the IRG-Sharing platform


All IRG Members must accept the IRG-Sharing Terms-of-Use which can be found at this link. These terms include the IRG Code of Conduct and specific behavior rules for use of the IRG-Sharing platform, including rules for uploads, downloads, and for distribution of IRG-Sharing content.

When you upload

IRG members may make posting on IRG Sharing platform, such as news, comments, pictures, etc. which will be seen by other IRG Members. If you chose to make any of your personal data or information available, it will be deemed a consent to share the data with the community, and for IRG to process the data. For any sharing of data, you will need to comply with the IRG-Sharing Terms-of-Use.

Access to Membership List and Bios

IRG members have access to membership lists and other personal data and biographies of members in the IRG community. We instruct all IRG members to view, but not download the membership list, as well as other personal data of members shall not be distributed unless a specific consent is obtained by the person. We encourage our members to reach out to each other and share information and purposes of usage.

For how long do we hold your personal data

We only hold your personal data as long as it is relevant for sharing in our IRG community. We will hold your personal data as long as you are a member of IRG. We also hold personal data to comply with legal or regulatory retention rules.

lf you cease to be a member of IRG, we will keep your general personal data as part of the history of IRG and its members, and also data on events you have participated in and uploads you have made, unless you ask us to delete your personal data. Also, we will need to retain some of your personal data for a specific period of time relating to our legal commitments. For example, we need to retain some personal data for 7 years under the Swedish Book-keeping Act (Bokföringlagen) and in order to be document IRG income.

How you can control and access your personal data

You have several rights concerning your personal data processed by IRG:

  • You can at any time request a copy of the personal data we hold about you.
  • lf you find that we hold inaccurate information about you, we will correct this as soon as we have been made aware of it.
  • You can on certain grounds request erasure of the processing of your personal data.
  • You can request restriction of the processing of your personal data under certain conditions which, with the exception of storage, will restrict us only to process with your consent or for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims or for protection of the rights of another natural or legal person or for reasons of public interest.
  • You can in certain cases object to our processing of your personal data that we base on the legitimate interests of IRG, as described above.
  • You can obtain a digital copy of most of the personal data you have provided to IRG, which we process in our systems. We can also, at your request and if technically feasible, transfer this personal data directly under the rules on data portability.

More information

lf you have a question or wish to make a complaint about how we process your personal data, please contact IRG by e-mail to the following mailing address:
IRG contact email:

You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the Swedish Authority for Data Protection, and you will find the contact information at