Marcelino Alba Valle

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Hello everybody, here follows a brief history of my life.
I was born in Buenos Aires during January, 1963.  My parents were Spanish immigrants, more precisely Galician, who had arrived in Argentina in 1959.  They came from two small Galician villages in the province of Lugo: "Riamonte de Riba" and "Barxamaior".

For this reason my lifetime friends call me "Gallego" or "Gaita", and I like Galician foods: "Lacon con Grelos", "Pulpo a feira", "Jamon", always accompanied by a good "Vinho do Ribeiro".

I have been married to Betina for thirty years and we have two children: Agustin and Tomas. Agus is an electronic engineer and has an MBA and since last March he lives in Munich with his wife, where he founded his software company. Tom is an economist and lives in Buenos Aires and has a leather goods company. Beti, my wife, is a teacher of mathematics, chemistry and physics.

I have lived all my life in Buenos Aires city . I grew up playing basketball (I was not good enough for football) although as for every Argentine, football is a passion. I was lucky to be a contemporary of “the only great in this sport: Diego”.

I studied chemistry in high school and when i finished I entered the military service as a conscript in 1982, the year of the Malvinas war.

I studied engineering and graduated as a chemical engineer from the “Universidad Tecnológica Nacional” in 1989.


I like sports in general and football in particular. I am also interested in oenology and I like to discover the details of wines (of course I also drink them).
When I can I dedicate time to travel and i always try to accommodate the route and pass through Galicia.


After graduation, I worked part time as a professor of the “Chemical Plants Project” subject , at the “Universidad Tecnológica Nacional” for 14 years.

Work activity:

After military service in 1983, I started working in a plating shop and later in a company dedicated to the manufacture of chemical products for metal finishing and phosphate coatings.

In 1991 I joined with Eduardo Gosiker and we started our own company: "Pluschemie SA" devoted to the manufacture  of products for wood preservation. Then in 1992, taking advantage of the knowledge of metal finishing, we founded "Steel Quimica SRL" dedicated to the production of chemical products for metal finishing and phosphate coatings. Both companies are currently in activity in two plants located in Buenos Aires.  My focus in both organizations is research and development, technical assistance to customers, contact with governmental organizations and production. I also give talks about wood preservation and wood coatings for our customers and general public.

Pluschemie SA has two main activities: industrial use products, and home use products. Although we were among the first to manufacture CCA in Argentina, we have not made it for many years.  We continue with the manufacture of anti-blue stain fungicides. Among the products for home use, we manufacture varnishes, lacquers , inks , stains.

Participation in Wood Protection organizations:

I always try to connect with organizations and people dedicated to the activity I develop.  For this reason I have participated in:

  1. PREMA:  "preservación y embellecimiento de la madera", Chamber of sawmills of Argentina (CADAMDA)
  2. RIPMA: Ibero-American wood protection network
  3. IRG:  I have been a part of the IRG since 2004.  The first meeting I attended was in Ljubljana, and my most recent meeting was in Bled, also in Slovenia.
Within the framework of these organizations i have presented some papers related to our developments of anti-blue stain fungicides.

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This bio was written for the November 2022 IRG newsletter.