Linda Meyer-Veltrup


I was born in August 1985. After finishing school in 2005 I made an apprenticeship as a cabinetmaker in a small wood workshop in my hometown Haren (Ems) in the North-west of Germany. In 2007 I moved to Hannover to study Technical Education in Wood Technology at Leibniz University Hannover. I came into contact with the wood protection research area as a student research assistant, wrote my Bachelor thesis about thermally modified wood and published my first papers during my Master studies. At that time I realized that working as a school teacher for wood working craftsmen versus being a scientist and meeting a lot of interesting/friendly/relevant scientists (of course especially IRG people) was not a hard decision to make. Consequently, I started my doctoral conferral in 2012 at the Institute of Vocational Sciences in the Building Trade – Section Wood Protection – at the Faculty of Architecture and Landscape Sciences.

Actually, the wood protection virus infected me when I was granted a Ron Cockcroft Award in 2011, allowing me to travel to the Queenstown meeting in NZ. I have been lucky to attend all subsequent IRG meetings, helped to build up the IRG-WP Durability Database and am currently convening WP 2.1 ‘Prediction of Service Life’. This is also where I set the focus of my research activities towards my PhD. I am carrying out extensive field studies including a wide variety of wood-based materials and automated moisture recordings for service life prediction issues (…for what all student research assistants who help me with the trials love me a lot!). The main task of my PhD thesis is the evaluation of different field test methods for durability assessments in different Use Classes.

During my studies, my second subject was sports. In my spare time I like running, rafting, diving, wake-boarding and snow-boarding even sand-boarding in the dunes of Viña del Mar, Chile. I am also an experienced tourist guide, even though I sometimes mix up the age of my target groups: never forgotten million dollar cruises and speed boat races during the IRG meeting in NZ.

Since I am very keen to experiment when it comes to food (not!) every business trip is a challenge for me. However, I have survived Swedish fish pudding, Malaysian baby octopus, Slovenian frog legs, French snails and American chocolate thunder and I think, I am probably the world record holder in having had Caesar Salad at as many places as possible. Nevertheless, I am better in selecting restaurants – even in the deepest jungle of Malaysia - than cooking myself. Currently I am living in Hannover together with my boyfriend, like to stroll around flea markets, refurbish old furniture and to rearrange the whole apartment from time to time (which means every two to three months…).


This bio was written for the June 2015 IRG newsletter.