Dulcidio Macedo

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The Beginning

I was born in June 1957 in Tanabi in Sao Paulo State in Brazil and grew up in a village called Santana. It is located at north region of São Paulo.  The primary school was near my home, so I had a lot of time in the afternoons to play sports and have fun with my friends.  At secondary school I studied at night and during the day I had to work with my father. My father was a tailor and I had the opportunity to learn this profession. During those times I used to play football, as well as tennis.  Now days, I ride my speed bike.

I started professional training as a chemical laboratory technician at the Enro Chemical, a small chemical company that produced additives for rubber.

Afterwards in 1974, I accepted a job and began to work at Osmose Pentox do Brasil.  During this time I decided to study chemistry (Technical and College) which I completed six years later, in 1981.
Osmose Pentox do Brasil was a small company that imported CCA from Sweden and used the similar active ingredients in order to produce clear wood preservatives.  My interviewers to be hired by Osmose Pentox were with Mr. Aldo Gandolfi Jr. and Mr. Valdevino Jose Carlos. They became my mentors in the ​​field of Wood Preservation.  Osmose Pentox changed its corporate name in 1982 to Montana Chemicals S.A. (Montana Quimica), and I continued working at Montana until I retired in April 2017.

During my career with Montana Quimica, I always worked in Montana's wood preservation product development laboratories.
In 2018, after my retirement, I was invited to work as a consultant at IPEL - Itibanyl Produtos Especiais Ltda - to develop a line of wood additives.  However, in 2019 Lanxess acquired Ipel, so I was invited to work with Lanxess as a Technical Marketing Wood Coordinator with the wood protection line, a position that I hold today.

My specialty has always been research and development. I have worked for 47 years with wood protection and wood coatings and throughout this time I have been fortunate to have been involved in a lot of interesting projects, traveling to customers and conferences, and have met many wonderful people and have had great colleagues.

My first IRG conference was IRG16 in Guaruja, Brasil in 1985 and since that time I have consistently been able to follow wood protecting activities from IRG meetings and through the many papers that have been published at the IRG over all of these years.   I am convinced and have been lucky to have been part of the IRG as one of the most important organizations in the area of ​​wood protection around the word.

I live in São Paulo with my wife Mary.

My son, Jr. has been living in the USA for ten years, he is an electronics engineer and works at the Comcast Group. My daughter Juliana has a degree in Marketing and works at Dell Computers. We have three grandchildren, Gabriel, Isabella and Shofia.

I hope to continue working with wood preservation for a few years to come. My plans for two or three years from now is to move to the USA and live with my children and grandchildren who have been there for some time.

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This bio was written for the Septemober 2022 IRG newsletter.