Alba Zaremski




I have been working as a researcher at the International Center for Agronomic Research for Development (CIRAD) since 1994, and I am currently working as a Researcher in Biology.

My life as a researcher did not happen in the normal university curriculum. I married at age 22 and my husband Andrzej had a job that required a lot of travel. As a result, I had to follow him and change jobs every time I moved. My main job was to perform medical tests in different laboratories, including the development of the hepatitis B vaccine at the Laboratory of Hygiene of the Faculty of Medicine of Lyon. It was this work at the Faculty of Medicine in Lyon that triggered my passion for biological research.

Despite all these family constraints, to realize my desire to do research, I never stopped pursuing my studies in various institutions: University, CNAM, and private organizations.


Indeed, for 8 years, between 1997 and 2005, I had to complete my initial training with different degree studies. In 1998, I graduated from CNAM and in 1999, I obtained a DESS in molecular cytology at the University of Montpellier. I would like to point out that I obtained these two diplomas through training in evening classes, while completing my work activities as a senior technician at CIRAD. In 2002, I was able to benefit from CIRAD training as part of a professional development plan to pursue a doctoral thesis on the Characterization of Aphyllophoralles and finally became a researcher at CIRAD in 2005.

I have published several articles and given several papers in various international congresses, notably at the IRG since 1998. My main work focuses on the use of molecular biology techniques applied to tropical lignivorous fungi, on natural extracts active against various termites, on the de-pollution of wood treated with fungi and on fungal communities inducing the production of high value added oleoresin in the Aquilaria tree.

In addition, I was very involved between 1998 and 2005 in the elaboration of technical documents and standards AFNOR termites floors and walls within the working group GT6 (mandated by the AFBP and the CTBA) as well as in the elaboration of AFNOR technical documents and standards concerning the bluing of fresh wood within the GT8 working group.

Family and Music

Today, I have two children, the elder being Clara who is 30 and is completing her thesis at the University of Guyana and CiRAD, while our younger child, my son Pierre, is now 28 and is completing his medical studies in Marseille.
My passion for music is very strong. I love Opera, especially Verdi and Mozart. Also, I like to read, especially Malaparte, Zweitz, Balzac, Eluard, and today, Elizabeth Gilbert.

This bio was written for the December 2017 IRG Newsletter.