IRG Organizational Structure




Executive Council (EC)

The Executive Council (EC) is in effect the "Board of Directors" of the IRG and the IRG Secretariat; it is responsible to the Plenary Meeting. It is chaired by the President, who is the highest official representative of the IRG. The EC is responsible for implementing all the decisions of the Plenary Meeting and for the finances and administration of the IRG and the IRG Secretariat in accordance with the Statutes.

IRG Secretariat

The Group's permanent secretariat is located in Stockholm, Sweden
IRG Secretariat : Dr Mats Westin


Committees under the Executive Council

Scientific Programme Committee (SPC)

The Scientific Programme Committee (SPC) is comprised of the Section leaders together with the President, Vice-President and Secretary-General (ex officio). The main responsibilities for this committee are to create strategic, long term plans for the scientific activities and priorities of IRG, co-ordinate the activities (scope, priorities etc) between the Sections, make final decisions on the establishment of Working Parties and co-ordinate these between the Sections and review the activities and continuing need for individual Working Parties. The SPC reports back to the Executive Council.

Communications Committee (CC)

This committee shall support the Secretariat and Membership with advice and guidance concerning questions on communication matters.

Finance Committee (FC) 

The Finance Committee (FC) is a permanent sub-committee under the EC. It gives financial advice and reports to the EC. The members of the FC are appointed by the EC.

Nominations Committee (NC) 

The Nominations Committee (NC) receives and reviews nominations for the position of President, Vice-President and members of the EC, CC and SPC, and makes proposals to the EC.

Ron Cockcroft Award Committee (RCAC) 

This committee takes decisions on the granting of the Ron Cockcroft Award. It reports to the EC and is comprised of the immediate Past President and the Vice-President.

President's Consultative Panel (PCP)

The President’s Consultative Panel (PCP) within the IRG serves to provide ad hoc advice to the President from time to time throughout the year.  The Panel generally consists of the President, Vice-President, Immediate Past-President, Secretary-General, Finance chair, and Communications Committee Chair but may also include other invited participants as appropriate.  The Panel generally holds one meeting during the year and also a number (usually two to four) of VOIP meetings.  Items arising from the Panel’s discussions have no official status, but may lead to proposals that are brought to the Executive Council for consideration.


Current Committee Memberships

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