Awards within the IRG

Honorary Life-Long Membership award (HLLM)

Honorary Life-Long Members are scientists who have made outstanding contributions to the aims, functions, organisation or standing of IRGWP whilst in Regular Membership which is of a quality demanding extraordinary recognition. The purpose of the Honorary Life-Long Membership is to acknowledge such outstanding service to IRGWP through Life-Long Membership sponsored by the IRGWP..

Recipients of the Honorary Life-Long Membership 1976-2016



Ron Cockcroft Award (RCA)

The RCA is a merit-based programme to promote international awareness of developments in research in wood protection, by providing assistance towards travel and accommodation costs to selected persons enabling them to participate in IRG conferences.    The RCA is intended primarily to assist post-graduate research students and active younger scientists, who, for financial reasons might otherwise be unable to attend an IRG conference. It is available to members and non-members.    An RCA can only be granted once, and no present or former members of any IRG Committee may apply for the RCA.

Recipients of the Ron Cockcroft Award (RCA) 1990-2018


Institutional and National Affiliation of RCA awards given 1990-2018



Gareth Williams Award (GWA)

The Gareth Williams Award (GWA) is awarded for the best scientific paper and presentation at each IRG Annual Meeting, and is sponsored by Arch Chemicals, Inc. USA.   This award is dedicated to and honors Dr. Gareth Williams, a respected scientist in the field of wood protection, who was an active IRG member from 1998 until his untimely death in 2004.  Gareth was Section leader and Chair of Section 3 during 2001-2004.

Recipients of the Gareth Williams Award (GWA) 2005-2018



Rich Ziobro Award (RZA)

The Rich Ziobro Award (RZA) is awarded for the best scientific poster presentation at each IRG meeting and is sponsored by Kopper Performance Chemicals. The award is dedicated to and honors Rich Ziobro, a respected scientist in the field of wood protection.

Rich Ziobro (1954-2015) joined the IRG in 1984 and served on the IRG Executive Council.  He also was an active member of the local organizing committees for 4 IRG meetings, and served as Chair of the LOC for IRG38 in 2007.  Rich graduated from the SUNY at Oswego in 1975 with a BA in Biology and in 1978 with an M.S. from SUNY ESF with a research focus in mycology with an emphasis on wood inhabiting fungi.  Rich joined the Research Division of Osmose in 1980 where his main area of responsibility was in the evaluation of wood protection technologies for pressure and non-pressure applications including remedial preservatives for the Utility and Railroad Industries.  In 2005, Rich became Vice President of Research where his responsibilities involved coordination of research efforts between global research scientists.

Recipients of the Rich Ziobro Award (RZAA) 2016-2018


IRG Travel Award (TA) (discontinued)

The objective of the Travel award was to encourage and facilitate international cooperation between young researchers and IRGWP specialists and member organisations working on complex problems of wood protection and durability.   The Travel Award was granted once a year and was for younger researchers who want to travel abroad to get access to equipment or expertise and learn new techniques. The Award was not designed to pay 100 % of costs associated with the trip. Some of the costs were expected to be the responsibility of the applicant or the hosting institution. By this award the IRGWP gave attention to young promising scientists and helps improve their research by facilitating international cooperation. The Travel Award was discontinued in 2017 to focus more funding on the RCA Awards process.

Recipients of the IRG Travel Award 2000-2016